Progressive Guitar Lessons: The Word

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​Diving into Improvisation

The idea of improvising can sound elusive, challenging, and baffling…especially for players picking up the guitar for the first time. But in reality, we do it all the time in our day-to-day lives. True improvisation may seem mysterious on the guitar, but if players can do it while navigating...


​The Power of Chord-Melody

There aren’t many greater feelings than hearing one of your favorite guitarists play an awe-inspiring, soul-stirring solo that gives you goosebumps down to the bones. Add a killer band with rhythms that groove and tones that please, and the music is undeniably powerful. Any guitarist or...


Modern Blues Guitar

The blues idiom is classic, timeless, yet still modern and relevant to a high degree. Every human can relate to the blues: everyone has had days where they felt down, yet optimistic that times of hope and joy are around the corner. It is the expressive opportunity, the possibilities for sharing...


​Transcending The Maze of the Fretboard: The Diagonal Pentatonic Method

Like any musician, as guitarists we strive to articulate the musical ideas we hear in our head through our instrument. However, with multiple strings, scale shapes, and keys, it can seem like there are endless possibilities to playing just one idea. This can seem promising, but also...