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“Daniel’s Diagonal Pentatonic Method has totally opened up my appreciation for and use of the entire fret board. It is remarkable that by knowing this simple pattern, I can easily recognize how to move around in a scale, improvise more easily, and overall become a much better guitarist and musician.”

Pete, Wake Forest Professor

"I've been playing forever, self taught, with all of the natural limitations and bad habits that implies. Working with Daniel has opened up an awful lot for me and given me an appreciation of so many aspects of the instrument of which I, frankly, have always had an awareness but have been intimidated by. Everything from his amazingly simple and functional diagonal pentatonics to advice about equipment, show biz, live and studio performance, and the beauty of simply playing have been a joy to delve into! Brilliant player...better teacher."

Rob, Retired Educator

"Daniel's an amazing guitarist, a great teacher, and an easy-going person. His lessons are practical and will help you take your playing in the direction you want to go. With his guidance, I've been able to improve more quickly and make better use of my own practice time even outside of our lessons. Musicians of any skill level have something to learn from Daniel's unique, working-musician's perspective and approach to music."

Gunnar, Musician/Performer